Easter In Dubai

Easter is celebrated in Dubai, although it is not as widely celebrated as other religious holidays. However, for those who do wish to observe the holiday, there are various activities and events that can be enjoyed in Dubai during Easter.

One of the most popular activities during Easter in Dubai is attending a church service. There are several churches in Dubai that hold Easter Sunday services, including the St. Mary's Catholic Church, the Holy Trinity Church, and the Emirates Baptist Church.

For those who prefer to celebrate Easter in a more secular way, many hotels and restaurants in Dubai offer special Easter brunches and dinners. These often include traditional Easter dishes such as roast lamb, hot cross buns, and chocolate eggs. Some hotels also organize Easter egg hunts for children.

Dubai also has a number of amusement parks and family entertainment centers that offer Easter-themed activities during the holiday season. One example is the Dubai Miracle Garden, which creates a special Easter-themed floral display each year. The theme park Motiongate Dubai also holds an annual Easter festival with live shows, games, and activities.

Overall, while Easter may not be a major holiday in Dubai, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and enjoy the occasion.

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